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Services for companies and communities

The Microsurgery Center provides a shared environment for medical professionals and technology companies. Our facilities are suited, for example, for arranging product demonstrations and working on product development. We welcome companies, operators with business IDs and communities.

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Product demonstrations

The product demonstration in our facilities enables professionals to familiarize themselves with new technologies and products and allows companies to gather professional feedback for further product or technology development. The purpose of the event can be the presentation or introduction of the finished product or the trial use of new technology.

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Product development

We provide a framework for, for example, evaluating and testing new product safety and gathering user feedback for product development. Product development and testing is carried out at the Microsurgery Center facilities using simulated biological or synthetic models.

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Education and research

We enable operating room training tailored to the customer's needs. In addition, we provide facilities for the basic research and clinical research of universities and hospitals, as well as companies, operators with business IDs and communities.

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Realists Training Technologies GmbH

“We support the Microsurgery Center to realise a microsurgical spine course for surgeons from different surgical specialties. We at Realists are very happy with the quality of the organisation, infrastructure and the engagement of the persons involved in this course. We hope to continue our successful cooperation and to help the Microsurgery Center in its task to spread the idea of a high-quality surgical education throughout Europe.”

Dr. Luis Bernal,
CEO & Founder

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