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Our facilities provide a framework for diverse academic research. In addition to the latest operating room technology, our equipment includes, among other things, an adjustable hyperspectral camera, microscope eye tracking system, VR interfaces, operating video management system and high-power computers for applications.


The hyperspectral camera is a powerful tool for studying surgical anatomy. Our lightweight hyperspectral camera with customized brackets allows the technology to be utilized with surgical microscopes and endoscopic imaging systems.

The True Scope eye tracking prototype is a unique, patent pending optical solution for microsurgical eye tracking. The device is a combination of solid hardware and optics combined with a machine vision designed for efficient microsurgical work.

The effective 3D planning of surgical procedures helps the surgeon in the planning phase and supports decision-making during procedures. Our 3D design environment enables separate computing environments optimized for high performance optics and AI calculations.

Operative multimedia can be utilized in education and development work in many ways. Our laboratory is equipped with the high-tech Stryker iSuite system and an editing environment capable of handling the most demanding surgery scenarios.

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Microsurgical photonics

Machine vision and photonics are key tools in imaging-guided microsurgery. Techniques for spectral imaging, 3D modeling, and eye tracking improve the surgeon's ability to see complex areas of brain structures and tissues and to plan operations. Microsurgical photonics is an interdisciplinary field that combines computing, physics, optics and medical expertise.

Project funding

  • The Microsurgery Center of Eastern Finland 2019–2020 (EU)
  • Emil Aaltonen Foundation
  • European Regional Development Fund and Northern Savonia Fund
  • Academy of Finland



Inner Ear Research

The research team is developing customized solutions for the treatment of cochlear implant patients. The dimensions of the study include patient selection, surgical procedures, the safety of cochlear implants and the rehabilitation of patients.

Project funding

  • Academy of Finland
  • Government research funding

Grants for doctoral dissertation work

  • Finnish Cultural Foundation, North Savo Foundation
  • Finnish association of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery
  • Korvakirurgiyhdistys, the ear surgeon association
  • KUH research foundation

Academic courses

The Microsurgery Center hosts international courses on surgical medical technology every year. The themes discussed are shown below.

UEF School of Computing Color in Science and Industry (COSI)

  1. Fluorescence Imaging Technology in Surgery and Influence of Indoor Illumination on its Performance
  2. Hyperspectral Inspection of Histological Slides
  3. Spectral Imaging of Ex-vivo Tissue:  Data Processing and Analysis 

International Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology (IMPIT) Medical ICT -courses

  1. Fusion of medical images and visualization in VR for pre-operative planning
  2. Eye tracking recording for VR glasses
  3. Synchronization of surgical videos and events
  4. Blending the spectral images with RBG videos
  5. Synchronization and analysis of biomarkers under noise and stress




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