ER4Surgery 2023-2025

The ER4Surgery project investigates the commercialization potential and options for the video processing method application developed in cooperation between the University of Eastern Finland and the Center for Microsurgery of Eastern Finland, which is intended for use in surgery. The key members of the method's development team are neurosurgeon Ahmed Hussein and research doctors Mastaneh Torkamani Azar and Paavo Vartiainen. The fund will be allocated to The Department of Technical Physics and the responsible leader is professor Pasi Karjalainen.

The total budget of the project is : 684,174 euros.

Funder: Business Finland





Expanded Reality for Image-Guided Surgery "ER4Surgey":

Fund: PoC fund, 19,986 €  by University of Eastern Finland.

The project principle investigators and team members are: Ahmed Hussein (main inventor), Paavo Vartiainen (developer), Mastaneh Trokamani (project manager), Pasi Karjalainen and Roman Bendarik (senior advisors).

A multidisciplinary project investigates the developing  of an intraoperative inegrated video solution aims to enhance surgeons' visual capbility during image-guided and minimally invasive surgical procedures.



Hyperspectral imaging and tunable light source in neurosurgery (2021 - 2023)

Principle investigator: Antti-Pekka Elomaa

Funded by the Finnish medical foundation (150 000 EUR)


Hyperspectral imaging and tunable light source in cancer surgery (2021 - 2023)

Principle investigator: Antti-Pekka Elomaa

Funded by PSSHP VTR (70 000 EUR)


Next generation sensory monitoring for improving microsurgical skills and performance (2020 - 2024, Grant ID: 334658)

Principle investigator: Roman Bednarik, PhD, Doc

Funded by Academy of Finland (500 000 EUR)

The MIST project is conducted in close collaboration between interactive technologies research and neurosurgical clinical research and develops deep understanding of sensorimotor perception and action in image-guided surgeries. Based on an extension of motor resonance theories to the field of remote and indirect interaction, the project develops proactive models for intelligent skill monitoring and acquisition, and in turn produces novel microsurgical training platforms and technologies.


Microsurgery Innovation Center (2018-2020, Grant ID: 305573)

Principle Investigator: Antti-Pekka Elomaa

Funded by EU Sustainable growth and work 2014-2020 Finnish Structural Funds, Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo (541 900 EUR)

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) Microsurgery Center was established in 2017. The center offers a permanent 24/7 open place where surgeons and operating room staff from any field can practice hands on surgical techniques in an artificial environment. Training and research within the center is believed to reduce surgical complications and therefore patient disabilities, resulting in major profits for the public. This infrastructure is inclined towards translative research and demanding health technology assessment (HTA) up to EU-regulated standards, thus assisting its corporate and academic collaborators to reach new employment. The center was co-founded in collaboration with all KUH operative disciplines including neurosurgery, ear-nose-throat diseases, ophtalmology, oral- and maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics and gyneacology, and currently includes endovascular, vascular- and thoracic surgery and gastroenteric surgery, also (funded by the National EVO-funds ≈0.1M € / year). The center has international connections to research institutions (such as University of Alberta, Chiba and Assuit) and corporates (such as Stryker, BBraun and 3D Systems) and active role in development of innovation ecosystems (funded by the European Regional Development Fund 1.1M € 2018-2022), including strong network with the UEF and Savonia School of Applied Sciences laboratories such as Color Labs, 3D Printing and beyond. The centers co-founder and current manager Antti-Pekka Elomaa MD PhD is a specializing neurosurgeon and researcher with focus on central nervous tissues malignansies and surgical technologies implenenting photonics and data sciences (e.g. project FIRST 2016-2018). The chair of the centers steering board is dos Timo Koivisto MD PhD eMBA, chief physician of KUH neurosurgery and the chair of Finnish Neurosurgeons Association with both academic and clinical focus on intracranial vascular pathologies.


Sensorimotor Prosthetics for Future Interactive Surgical Systems (2016 - 2018)

Principle investigators: Roman Bednarik, PhD, Doc, and Mikael von zu Fraunberg, MD, PhD

Funded by Academy of Finland (558 541 EUR)

The FIRST project creates foundations for our long-term goal, creation of what we call sensorimotor prosthetics, which are the substitutive and supportive technologies for indirect interaction contexts. These technologies are based on systems and models that enable understanding and interpretation of human action in specific contexts. Here, we join forces between interactive technologies research and neurosurgical clinical research to develop understanding of sensorimotor perception and action in image-guided surgeries, as the prime representatives of indirect manipulation tasks.