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18.1.24 Medical students Microsurgery hands-on training 

25.1.24 Medical students Microsurgery hands-on training

13.2.24 KYS Heart Center's coronary angiography simulation training

1.3.24 KYS ENT Brochnoscopy training day

14.3.24 Suturing material/ Basic Technique

11.4.24 Medial students Microsurgery hands-on training

18.4.24 Medical students Microsurgery hands-on training

 14.5.24 KYS Gynaecology course 

16-17.5.24 National Neurosurgery training course 

29-30.5.24 Orthopedica Knee and shoulder course

5.-8.8.24 Ophthalmologic course

6.-8.11.24 Pending: Fundamentals of microneurosurgery course

28.11.24 Plastic course for ENT surgeons



16.-17.2. The microsurgery center is changing!

11.5. Training day for ear surgeons

25.5. Training afternoon for thoracic surgeons



5.-6.5. Orthopedic Karsic Course

5.-6.5. Training days for neurosurgery specialists

11.5. Advanced vascular suture course

8-9 June Lumbar Hands-On Microsurgery Course

20.9. Eastern Finland medicine days, microsurgery workshops

17.-18.11. Dermaplasty course